Clayton J. Radke, PhD

Professor of Chemical Engineering


College of Chemistry

Research Areas

Surface and colloid science technology

Professor Radke's research focuses on combining principles of surface and colloid science towards engineering technologies where phase boundaries dictate system behavior. He employs modern spectroscopic tools along with molecular theory and simulation, and continuum transport and reaction engineering to provide quantitative description of interfacial behavior important to technology development. Specific areas of interest include: protein/polymer/surfactant adsorption from solution, two-phase enzymatic catalysis, interfacial surfactant transport, wetting and spreading, colloid stability, dynamics and stability of thin films, chromatography, multiphase and disperse phase flow in porous media, wettability of and chemical transport and reaction in porous media, electrokinetics, pore-level fluid mechanics, tear films, and contact-lens coating and physical design.

Selected Publications

Please visit Radke Lab Page for the complete list of published works.


101E Gilman Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 642-0853