Billie Beckwith-Cohen

PhD Candidate
Neuroscience & Neurobiology


I was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and spent my summers with my family in Manhattan, NY.


I earned a BSc in Life and Medical sciences from Tel-Aviv University in Israel, and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After completing my veterinary education I worked in small animal private practice, and simultaneously obtained an MBA at Tel-Aviv University. Due to an ongoing passion for ophthalmology I enrolled in fellowship training at UW-Madison, WI in comparative ocular pathology.


My ongoing love for ophthalmology and vision led me to apply to the Vision Science program at UC-Berkeley. I loved the diversity offered by the program, the humble congenial environment, and the collaborative effort to promote vision and ocular health.


I am a member of the Kramer lab where we study chemical photoswtich compounds to impart visual sensitivity to degenerated retinas. I would like to participate in research with applicable benefits for both animals and humans, and would like to implement my previously acquired clinical skills in my research.


My professional dream is to join an academic program where I can teach and inspire young people in the fields of vision and ophthalmology and to create meaningful advancement for visually impaired patients, human and animal alike. My personal dream is to move back to Tel-Aviv and be with my family, and hopefully nurture a family of my own.


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Richard Kramer Lab
121 Life Sciences Addition
Berkeley, CA