Benjamin Smith, PhD

Imaging Specialist
Design custom microscope systems and image processing algorithm


University of Washington, Ph.D. in Genome Sciences




B. Smith, J. Li, M. Metruccio, S. Wan, D. Evans, S. Fleiszig, Quantification of bacterial twitching motility in dense colonies using transmitted light microscopy and computational image analysis. Bio-Protocol, (accepted March 2018)

B. Smith, H. Yazdani, K. Hatami, Three-dimensional imaging and quantitative analysis of dispersion and mechanical failure in filled nanocomposites. Composites Part A, August 2015

B. Smith, R. Braun. Germ cell migration across Sertoli cell tight junctions. Science, September 2012

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Berkeley, CA 94720-3200
(510) 642-9712