Angeline Yang

PhD Student
Visual Perception


Long Island, NY --> Shanghai & Beijing, China --> Berkeley, CA


I majored in Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. During my time as an undergraduate, I studied abroad at the University of Hong Kong where I interned in Dr. Janet Hsiao's lab and learned eye-tracking while studying cultural differences in face perception. I later completed my Cognitive Science honors thesis, with Dr. Susana Chung as my advisor, on eye movement and the Face Inversion Effect during expression recognition.


What is perceived visually makes up such an important part of the human experience and I want to understand more about how this experience is constructed, whether through the behavior of our eyes or of our brain, especially in the context of movement and exercise. With such a focus on the interdisciplinary nature of vision and perception, the VS program here is the place to be!


I am currently using eye tracking to examine how eye movement differs between upright and inverted expression recognition, ultimately, to illuminate how holistic versus parts-based processing of faces is characterized by eye movement patterns. I am also continuing to help with the project from my time in Hong Kong on cultural differences in the effect of mask use on face processing.


I hope that through the study of our visual system and how it relates to the human experience, I will be able to shed light on ways that can foster understanding between individuals of our diverse experiences. At the moment though, I am looking forward to exploring all the different areas of study under vision science and finding a topic that I would like to research during my time here!


Martial arts, webnovels, photography, travel.