Teresa Canas Bajo

PhD Candidate
Vision Science


Vice President for Finance


Granada, Spain


I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the Univesity Autonoma of Madrid (Spain). Then, I studied a MSc in Psychological research at the University of Edinburgh where I specialized on visual perception and eye movements. For two years I worked under the supervision of Dr. Antje Nuthmann on the role of the regions of the visual field.


I feel passionate about understanding human behaviour and its complexity, specifically the way people perceive and select visual information from the world. The ability of people to select relevant information within the very rich perceptive contexts involved in everyday tasks is rather amazing. The Vision Science program promotes the study of such complex processes from a multidisciplinary approach that can lead to the creation of innovative technologies to improve people’s quality of life.


My research at the Whitney Lab focuses on face perception and visual attention in driving.

It is well known that humans have a unique advantage in perceiving faces. This increased sensitivity to faces is partly due to the fact that we process faces as a whole, instead of by parts (namely, holistic processing of faces). In project, I study individual differences in the extent to which each person processes faces in a holistic manner.

My second project focuses on a more applied view of human attention. In this project, I collaborate with the Berkeley Deep Drive group on a project investigating changes in drivers’ attention when driving manual and autonomous vehicles using eye movement.


My ultimate goal is to work in an institution that allows me to both research in the laboratory and work directly with visually impaired patients on the development of clinical applications focused on improving their daily life.


When I am not working, I try to spend my time doing some outdoors activity under the sun. After leaving two years in the rainy Scotland, I do not take the sunny days for granted anymore! So, either going to the beach or just having a nice time with my friends in a terrace are perfect plans for me. Also, I find that the best way for me to disconnect from the real world and peace my mind is to watch some good TV shows (House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Westworld and The Leftovers, among my favourites)


Whitney Lab
Department of Psychology
2121 Berkeley Way, UC Berkeley