Monday, November 27, 201712:00– 1:30 pm, in 489 Minor Hall

​Graduate Student Seminar

presented by

Mayur Mudigonda and Katharina Foote
UC Berkeley


Mayur Mudigonda’s Talk

Title: Investigating the role of multiple perceptual modalities in simulated grasping
Abstract: Every creature in the animal kingdom is endowed with multiple perceptual modalities such as audition, vision, proprioception, etc. Behavior is a seamless interplay of these various sensory systems oriented towards performing actions. In this work, we explore the role of multi-sensory representations (vision, haptics) towards robust grasping in high-dimensional , dextrous hands. We use a simulated hand to explore how haptics may play a role in grasping. We show that we are able to learn policies (motor programs) to control the hand to robustly grasp simple geometric objects. Previously, Ernst & Banks showed how an ideal statistical estimator integrates visual and haptic cues, modeling human psychophysical behavior. This is particularly useful for building artificial systems because an important problem to consider is performing robust actions under noisy observations with noisy actuators. In this talk, I present preliminary work in this direction.

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