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Young Hyun Kim
350 Minor Hall
Lab Rotations
I’M FROM: Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Sacramento, California, USA.
BEFORE VS: I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley.
WHY I’M HERE: Opportunity to research under Professor Clayton J. Radke on contact lenses as an undergraduate introduced me to the field of vision science. Integration of engineering, computational science and clinical research built a strong appreciation for multidisciplinary research necessary in the field of vision science. Continuation of my research after graduation, under Professor Meng C. Lin, broadened my understandings of ocular health and impelled me to continue my education in the vision science program at UC Berkeley.
MY RESEARCH: My research focus is on specialty contact lenses such as scleral, hybrid or smart lenses. By integrating wide range of disciplines available in the vision science program, my goal is to enhance safety, comfort and functionality of these specialty contact lenses.
MY DREAMS: Whether it is in the academia or industry, I hope to have a positive and meaningful impact to the people through my research.
MY HOBBIES: I want to see as much of the world as possible. Hence, I have a goal to go see at least one new place a year. When I am not traveling, I enjoy taking walks with my favorite dogs Bom (Means “Spring” in Korean) and Nuri (Means “The World” in Korean). I also like to ski, read, play board games, watch musicals and enjoy eating different types of cuisine.